The Skin You're In: Expert Advice For Rejuvenating Winter-Damaged Skin

People in the Upper Midwest will long remember this winter as one of the coldest and longest in history. And if you don't believe it, just take a look at your skin.

After months of dry indoor heat, wintry winds and relentless cold, a little TLSC (Tender Loving Skin Care) is long overdue. Enter Sallie Krepps, manager of The Homestead's Spa Amira and Lillyjade, a Salon. Here she points out signs of winter skin damage to watch out for, why your skincare regimen should change with the seasons, along with her own personal springtime skincare regimen.

Do women and men in the Upper Midwest need to treat their skin differently than women in other parts of the country? And, if so, what are some important things to consider right now?

Skincare regimens should vary depending on the climate where you live. here in Northern Michigan, for example, it has been very dry for many months. So hydration on the inside - meaning you should drink lots of water - and the outside of your body is a must. 

Be careful, however, about simply slathering moisturizers on your skin without exfoliating and toning first; when the skin is dry, too much moisturizer can cause clogged pores and result in serious skin reactions - namely acne breakouts. 

To avoid breakouts, a good skincare regimen should include cleansing, exfoliating, and toning BEFORE you moisturize. Of all these steps, the most forgotten one in the process - and arguably one of the most important - is toning; toning brings the pH of the skin to a more normal level so your skin is less reactive and more receptive to your moisture regimen. 

What are some of the less obvious or overlooked signs of winter-damaged skin, especially on our faces?

No question it has to be chronic redness and inflammation. The skincare professionals at Naturopathica (the organic skincare product line at Spa Amira) believe that chronic inflammation is the primary reason  for skin’s premature aging and that treating red or inflamed skin will bring you brighter, softer and younger-looking results.

What are the major steps of protecting and undoing the effects of “winter redness” on our skin?

Drink lots of pure water everyday; exfoliate and re-treat with antioxidant-rich skincare products; and use sunscreen everyday—even when it’s cloudy and cold—to protect against the sort of damaging UV light and  common air pollutants that can lead to chronic inflammation.

The best antidote for skin inflammation is using organic skincare products rich in antioxidant vitamins E and C. We carry two product lines with the best names in the world when it comes to skincare products free from  chemical toxins, rich in antioxidants and made with organic ingredients - SpaRitual at Lillyjade and Naturpathica at Spa Amira.

The professionals at Lillyjade & Spa Amira can show anyone how to best utilize these products to address specific skin issues. Right now, in preparation for spring, Spa Amira is offering deep-hydration facials that exfoliate  and then re-hydrate with an antioxidant mask that creates instant results.

During the month of April, Lillyjade is also offering a new “spa pedicure” with a complimentary manicure. This  pedicure also exfoliates the skin first then follows with a deep hydration, antioxidant lotion applied with hot stones and, later, a paraffin treatment to help the lotion better penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. It’s a real treat for the feet!

Can you describe your own personal spring, skincare regimen?

My spring skincare regimen for my body starts with a full body, salt scrub at the spa. This helps shed dry skin and unwanted flakes while it also prepares the skin for a large dose of vitamin-rich moisture.

For my face, I use Naturopathica’s daily cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I also exfoliate with a sweet-cherry  enzyme peel a couple times a week. Just stop by the salon or spa and ask me about it.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your skincare regimen this spring, my first choice would be to stop by Spa  Amira for “facelift facial.” This is an intense facial for aging skin that provides a deeper dose of exactly what winter-damaged skin needs. I would also recommend a spring spa manicure and pedicure at Lillyjade that  uses paraffin to deepen the treatments for lasting results.

To find out more about Lillyjade, a Salon and Spa Amira’s complete line of skincare products—or to book your appointment for facial, pedicure, manicure or spa treatment—contact the Salon or Spa by calling 231.334.5242.