Resident at The Homestead Discovers Shipwreck

While walking on the beach south of the Crystal River, Ward Lamphere came across the remains of a shipwreck believed to be from the mid-1800s.

Check out the link to the full video report from 9&10 News along with some photos of this amazing discovery and directions to the sight if you’d like to see the wreck yourself.

Ice, waves and shifting beach sands commonly reveal interesting objects on the Lake Michigan shoreline every spring. But few are as curious as the 40-foot section of ship beams and planking Ward Lamphere happened upon while out for a walk in front of his beachfront condominium at The Homestead earlier this month.

According to a 9&10 News report, maritime historians at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore aren't exactly sure what sunken ship the piece belongs to but suspect the fragment may be related to a similar piece of wreckage found in Port Oneida years ago.

Lakeshore officials have since documented the location of the artifact: about 100 yards south of where the Crystal River enters Lake Michigan. The artifact is on The Homestead property and is now part of the Manitou Passage Underwater Preserve. Visitors are welcome to see the wreckage but are reminded that it is illegal to touch or tamper with it in any way.

For anyone interested in seeing the remains of the shipwreck, The Homestead is asking that visitors use the public beach access points in Glen Arbor. Streets that dead-end at the beach, such as Bay Lane, are the best options. Once you get to the beach, head north.