Orvis: The Reel World

Is learning to fly fish on your bucket list? Overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan, the Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School at The Homestead combines elegant accommodations with classic Blue Ribbon splendor.

Class dates are set for this spring, summer and early fall. Learn how you can join a class or get some one-on-one attention with the master anglers at Northern Michigan’s most complete fly fishing school.

In 1966, when Leigh Perkins opened his Orvis first fly fishing school in Manchester, Vermont, he was hoping that, maybe, 20 people would sign up.  Instead, 150 aspiring anglers came to learn and Perkin’s fly fishing school was an instant success.

Since that time, there have been other fly fishing schools that have imitated Perkins’ teaching methods. But Orvis is still the original and hands-down the best at providing expert, patient, and thorough instruction for fly fishers of all ages and experience levels.

A Perfect Match

The Homestead teamed with Orvis back in 2005 to launch what just might be the most complete fly fishing school in America. From learning proper casting technique on trout ponds unencumbered by gnarly bank brush, to perfecting your roll cast and subtle fly presentation in a tight spot under the cedar boughs lining The Homestead’s private stretch of the Crystal River, the resort offers students an unmatched and diverse learning environment.

Since the resort is situated right on the beach of Lake Michigan and just minutes away from the Blue Ribbon waters of the Boardman River, you can even learn to double and triple haul—really advanced stuff—against the buffeting head wind or practice your newly acquired skills on wild fish and wild water.

These are the kind of skills that will serve whether your interest in fly fishing takes you only as far as the bass pond out on The Back-Forty, as far away as the bonefishing salt flats of Belize, or, for that matter, anywhere in the reel world.

A Complete Fly Fishing School

The Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School at The Homestead was designed to introduce the intricacies of fly fishing to an absolute novice, but even experienced fly anglers will find personal and advanced instruction easily tailored to their level of experience. From knots to entomology, casting to tackle, the instruction at Orvis Michigan takes a customized approach to teaching.

Sign up for the famous Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School at The Homestead and you’ll learn to cast with the help of expert fly-casting instructors. If you need special attention to learn a new cast or to overcome a casting problem, you’ll have the benefit of having a certified casting instructor—all great fly fisherman but, more importantly, great teachers—looking over your shoulder and offering kindly advice.

In the end, it’s like having your personal mentor show you the ropes and help you learn all the tricks. You bring the list of things you want to accomplish and the instructors at the Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School will help you reach your goals.

To sign up for an Orvis Michigan school, simply call 231.933.9300.  Special lodging rates are available for Orvis participants.