Guest-Driven Upgrade: Stony Brook Lodge Undergoing Major Remodel

Just how seriously does The Homestead take guest feedback? The team now spearheading the redesign of Stony Brook Lodge is taking its direction from some of the greatest national park lodges in the West and Canada. But the original inspiration for the project came directly from you.

Here's a look at the changes - inside and out - coming to Stony Brook Lodge just in time for summer.

Ever since the Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore made headlines as the "Most Beautiful Place in America" the number of visitors to the region has jumped to nearly 1.5 million every year. Magnificent natural scenery is primary reason people cherish and return year after year to this breathtaking place. And The Homestead believes these guests should be greeted by equality magnificent structures and accommodations when they are here.

Guest Input Leads to Change

Customer surveys over the past year have confirmed that the time has come for some intensive upgrades to some lodging venues at The Homestead - starting with Stony Brook Lodge.

The current plan is ambitious and takes its direction from some of the historic national park lodges found in places like Yellowstone, Banff, Bryce, and Glacier National Park. Many of these destinations, like the Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel, were built by turn-of-the-century railroad companies with indigenous materials such as logs, stone, clay, wrought iron, and leather. They are furnished by local craftspeople and art. The result is a warm and welcoming lodging experience that never seems outdated or out of style.

When it comes to rustic ambiance, The Homestead experience has rarely been lacking. But according to guest comments and surveys, where Stony Brook Lodge (originally built in 1998) has not received the highest of marks is in the area of functionality.

Where Form Meets Function

The Stony Brooke overhaul includes just about everything - from bathroom showerheads to lighting fixtures. Cosmetically speaking, the interior design team has a plan to coordinate the room-to-room textures (think more wood, tile and stone) and overall decor. Some other big changes include:

The construction at Stony Brook is exciting and demonstrates The Homestead's commitment to service and making sure guests have a world-class lodging experience while they are here. The project is set to wrap up by spring. In the meantime, visit The Homestead's Facebook page and click the "like" button for photos and regular Stony Brook updates in progress throughout the next few months.