Announcing Shoreside North

The Costs are Shared. The Memories are all Yours. 

Who doesn't want a piece of Lake Michigan real estate to call their own? But who can afford it. With Shoreside North, the answer just might be you. This luxury development is located directly on the shores of the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes Bay.  Prices start at just $189,000, with additional discounts if you reserve early. 

Interested? Get in touch. We'd be happy to arrange for you to come visit.

Shoreside North Finishings Finalized

We're pleased to announce that the finishings for Shoreside North have been finalized. "We're finishing these units with the same eye towards approachable luxury that our guests have come to expect," said James Kuras, who is leading development on the property. These fractional homes on the shores of Lake Michigan will be finished with an eye towards the property's location on the water. "We tried to reference nautical themes without going overboard," Kuras said, pointing towards the brass finishings and blues in the color scheme.  These units have been moving quickly already, but Kuras expects interest to increase now that the finishings have been revealed. "This is always the stage in a project when it starts to feel real– when you can imagine dinner being cooked on the stove and kids playing in the living room."